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turtle island made my other lands disapear

Hi, I just used my smart pedomedomer to buy turtle island. Now it says I must build some super expensive building and 2 grandmother trees before it can be accesed (would have been nice to kknow all this FIRST), but the main problem is I cannot seem to find my previous lands/plants/buidings! They should all be there and still earning me the money I will need to do anything with and when I scroll on the screen all i see is the turtle island and mists surrounding it?


Where is the rest?


( I would really love to reset to prior to buying the damn island but don't want to lose all the buildings/plants/animials I ve earned)


Also, when I am in a timed challange the counter will often stick for so long that I run out of time even though I have already taken the required number of steps to whin!


Thanks for you help.



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I found the place to be heard!  Type in and you get David Wang's Facebook page!  He is the Striiv CEO.  Go there and send him a message!  Let him know how dissatisfied you are with all that is going on with this app!!

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