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add pluse and o2 monitoring and IOS 8 Health App interation

 I would love to be able to monitor my pulse and o2 levels like Withings does or better.  Having Asthma all my life it is something that I really would like to be able to have.  Also I would love to be able to have my Touch interact with Apples IOS 8 Health app

Any possible way this can happen?

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I would love to beta test. My email is  I am currently using the Walgreens activity tracker and I love it.

Hi Jeannie, we've added you to the beta tester list. We'll be in touch if we're in need of further beta testing. 

I'd like to beta test any hardware / software updates as well. So far, i find the Touch more accurate than my more expensive monitor (Basis Peak) and if your attention to quality contines, I would gladly exchange the Peak for a Touch with pulse monitoring abilities. The ability to measure bicycling activiity is also on my wishlist because it is easy on my aging , > 60 yo, joints. I'm sure the expanding population of Boomers would purchase this device for that very reason, making it a profitable marketing feature.

Hi Neil,

Is there any update on the syncing data with the health app on ios?  is this something that you guys are definitely going to do or not?  

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Any update on when of if you are still trying to put in an oximeter I really could use this and I still would love to be a beta tester.

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I would like to be a tester as well.
Hello. I have the Walgreens Striv Advanced with the heart rate monitor. Is there anything in the works for monitoring pulse O2? Thank you.
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