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Hi Striivers, 

 As we announced a few months ago, we've shut the older forums down to concentrate all our efforts on this forum - I'll be attempting to migrate over old threads, but we're planning on making this a much more active forum for you to share your stories and get help from fellow Striivers!

I cant login. The screen is always frozen for the sign in section. The unit shuts down when in use and looses all its data. This unit was just a waste of money and time. It is the small calculator like version, not a wrist band and cost $34.

Your Sync Server is down.  Again.


When may I expect to be able to synchronize my machine with yours?


Hi Bob, 

We're waiting to hear back from our engineers regarding the status of the Smart Sync server. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'd rather keep you informed than in the dark - we're no longer officially supporting the Smart dashboard ( - this essentially means we won't be able to address issues through software updates going forward. 

The Smart was our first device, released roughly 6 years ago. While we recognize its importance amongst the many Striiv devices currently available, the decision was made several months back to stop development work on the Sync software.

All of this being said, the main function of the Sync software is to back up your tracked activity - the Smart does store this information internally as well, and allows you to view activity history on the device itself. The Smart is effectively being treated as a standalone pedometer.




Thanks for the update.  Two questions, and 1 request, please.

1) Is Striiv still donating water, etc, on behalf of Striiv users?  Oprah will not be happy about this.....  I just don't get why you can't leave the old software on there--there shouldn't be any upgrades needed and should cost you $0 to maintain.  Just flip the switch back on?  I, for one, will not upgrade because it feels like we are being forced--not cool.

2) Aother motivating factor is the daily sync also allows a free Mystery Box.  This is fun, because it locks you out for 500 steps, or you get a bad box and have to earn extra energy, etc. 

REQUEST:  Can that at least be updated one last time to allow this to happen daily, even though you are shutting down the daily sync option for good?

Thank you.

The problem is not on my end,  it's on yours.  My Striiv is collecting data and storing up donations.  When I plug it in, and it starts the synch, your server does not respond.  Or, it is responding in a way that changed over last weekend.  Was there an upgrade to your software last weekend?

NB:  I will be hitting three donations in a matter of minutes.  So,,,,


I am also very unhappy that we are no longer able to sync and make donations. I have been a faithful user since the Striiv was introduced 6 years ago and have gone through 3 units with over 4.5 million steps on my latest one alone.


I am on my second Striiv, going on 10.4M+ miles.  I just re-(re-(re-),,,) tried te Synch, no joy.  So....


Please please add me
My Striive Bio 2 is not journaling anything. And not recording sleep at all. Does anybody know who I can talk to? I have called the phone number with no response. Somebody please help! Got it as a Christmas present and very dissappionted.
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